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How Casinos enable gambling addicts

Casinos are no ordinary places and whether you are a beginner or a regular, you will lose track of time. There are no clocks and no windows. The music is selected and everything that you see in the house has been put there for a specified reason. The argument can be that our actions are our own, and even though this is true to some extent, our environment does play a big role. Especially in casinos, where even the positioning of tables has a reason.


The casino reward system is one of the strongest on the planet. The industry knows how and when to entice you. It works uniquely and creates an impression of winning in your brain. Our brain has a reaction to what it processes and with careful advertising, the brain’s reward system is developed.


Time is another factor that enables gambling. You will keep track of time depending on the light, but what if you can’t see whether it’s day or night. The casinos have no windows and clocks. You can’t keep track of the time result of which is that you will not notice the difference. It becomes a new world.


There’s no dearth of games in a casino and when you’re in land-based ones, you are devoid of any information about the surroundings as there are no windows. You get sucked into games that are designed to keep you indulged, and hence you lose track of time. To know more about gambling games click here.


If you notice carefully, casinos follow a certain design, and no matter where you are, the design will be the same. The maze-structure of the casino is intended to extend your stay in the house and makes it very hard to navigate the casino. From the lightning to the seating arrangements, everything is planned to not just make you comfortable but also prolong your stay. IN slots, there’s a unique feature that creates a sense of winning. Even though you may be losing, but it will make you feel as if you were close to a win. If you wager a $1, you might receive 25c creating an illusion.


Gambling is not all about winning the money, but at the same time of addiction, that money can’t buy. It’s the game of risk and when you wager your money the emotional discharge is something that gets the gamblers addicted to. The games are not just fun to play, but they are programmed to trigger the reward system of the brain. In addition to that, casinos offer regular bonuses, comps, and promotional offers to their players. This is done to attract and prolong their stay in the casino and most of the time it works.

What to do:

Just in case if anybody is addicted to gambling, it can be beaten with will power. There are steps that you can take and the first one is to start cutting on the money that you spend on gambling. It may not happen suddenly but eventually.


Addiction is no-good for anyone. As long as you are playing within the limits, there’s nothing to worry about.

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